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Even though I prefer to get to know the players I string for and their game, I understand that this is sometimes harder for some players.

It's as easy as:
1)    Fill out the Mail Order Request Form above with the relevant details.
2)    Package your racquet(s) carefully, as the same packaging will be used to return the racquet(s) to you
(usually within 24 hrs of receiving your frame(s)

Don't have a box? no problem, shipping boxes can be purchased within the order form

Please enclose the form with your frame. Payment is made within the form via PayPal.

Please note: Return postage fee of £12 is auto included within the form. 

Courier Services:

Courier services are available via global courier companies like Parcel2Go - Royal Mail - Parcel Force - My Hermes.

Lampwick's Racquet Shipping Box

1 x Extra Strong, Double Wall Cardboard Box for shipping Tennis, Squash, Badminton Racquets. Large enough to Ship TWO (actually three) Full Length (29”) Frames (76cm x 33cm x 10cm)

Offering maximum protection for multiple use. Can be reused then fold back down and stored until next used.

Please note this listing is for a single Shipping box only (the tennis racquets are for illustration purposes only)

The shipping box can be purchased stand-alone for £20.00 or as part of the racquet restring mail order service for £15.00 (Please keep and re-use, as they are strong)

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