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I am an independent racquet stringer that specialise in racquet re-stringing and customisations on a tailored, personal basis. I have a close relationship and understanding with each and every one of my players (see testimonials) with the aim to maximise their potential.
I offer racquet cloning & customisation : : Lengthening Tennis/Squash/Badminton and Racketball Racquet(s) : : re-gripping and can offer advice in relation to your equipment or a particular string to suit your style of play. You can also read what other players think of particular strings within the player string reviews.

Based in Brockley, London SE4, two stops from London Bridge and the city of London. 

With stringing prices start from only £18 which includes strings and labour, up to the top of the range Natural Gut  : :  Hybrid Combinations : : Softer Polyesters : : Multifilament : : Durable Polyesters and Synthetic Gut.  Somewhere in here is the right string to take your game to the next level.

I keep records of each and every racquet I string. This allows me to replicate the job each time I string a racquet. It also enables us to make changes to find what is perfect for you.
Your racquet will be strung on the most accurate machine available (the same make and model used by the best ATP/WTA players). What this means for you, is consistent 'tuned' tension throughout your racquet.

There are other advanced stringing techniques that I use depending on your wishes including proportional stringing as well as my own, developed method. If you have a preferred method or technique, just let me know.

I carry a wide selection of strings from popular brands such as Alien, Ashaway, Babolat, Bow Brand, Genesis, Gosen, Head, IsoSpeed, Kirschbaum, Klip, Luxilon, Pacific, Polyfibre, Prince, Signum Pro, Solinco, Tecnifibre, Weiss Cannon and Wilson.

If I haven't shown your favorite string, drop me an email and i'll ship it in.