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Leather Grips

One of the most important part of the relationship between equipment and player is the handle and grip. It is your point of contact. Players are very sensitive to the feel of the grip, and each grip must be wrapped identically.

  • Head Leather Tour Replacement Grip
Head Leather Tour Replacement Grip

Maintain a perfect feel with the Head Leather Tour Replacement Grip. 100% genuine leather, easy installation with it's adhesive backing and long enough for all racquet handles.

  • Wilson Leather Replacement Grip
Wilson Leather Replacement Grip

100% genuine leather replacement grip. Easy installation with adhesive backing. Long enough for all racquet handles. Wilson name embossed on grip.

  • Tecnifibre ATP Leather
Tecnifibre ATP Leather

Tecnifibre ATP Leather 1.5 (Chestnut) Replacement Grip

Accurately reproduces the contours of the handle.
Thickness: 1.5mm

  • Prince Leather Grip
Prince Leather Grip

Prince Premium Leather Replacement Grip has a traditional firm feel and is often used by Pro players demanding extreme feel and often with an overgrip.

  • Volkl Leather Grip
Volkl Leather Grip

Made from the finest calfskin, it has a slightly tacky surface with a raised contour. Provides exceptional feel, durability, shock absorption, and slip resistance.

  • Gamma Leather Grip
Gamma Leather Grip

This Leather grip has been made using natural cowhide. 
Its tacky, firm and durable feel allows the player to gain maximum performance and a comfortable feel.

  • Kimony Techni Leather Grip
Kimony Techni Leather Grip

The thinnest leather replacement grip tape you will find on the market. If your present grip is too big, Techni Leather Grip Tape will decrease it by one size. Compatible with all over grips.

The Kimony Techni Leather grip is in my opinion one of the best grips on the market and is made in Japan to a very high consistent standard.

  • Fairway Leather Grip
Fairway Leather Grip

The legendary Fairway Leather Grip returns! With its thin profile, amazing feel, proud history and impeccable quality, this is the gold standard of leather grips. Leather's firm feel provides the player with maximum feedback from the ball, which improves control. This classic grip also provides a more direct feel of the bevels which allows for easier and more precise grip changes. This grip will also add some weight to your racket and provide a more headlight balance.



How To Fit A Leather Grip
 (Right Handed Player)

For this example of 'how to fit a Leather Grip' we have chosen a Fairway grip by E.B. Balmfouth LTD. formely of Leeds, now in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. England.


The Fairway Grip is arguably, the best in the world.

It is produced from the finest calf skin obtainable and will retain its tackiness indefinitely, provided you look after it.


Cleaning you Leather grip.

You will find after considerable use your grip appears to be losing its "tack". This is only because it needs cleaning and the best way of doing this is to saturate a cloth in methylated spirits and rub it over the grip (this will remove all the dirt which has collected on the surface)

Allow about half an hour for the spirit to evaporate from the leather, then apply a small quantity of caster oil.

Allow eight hours for the oil to penetrate into the leather and your grip will be ready for use and will feel as good as new.

Do not apply too much caster oil as this will result in making the grip greasy.